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June 16, 2016

Automated Inspection Between the Die Improves Yield and Reliability

Chip Scale Review - May / June 2016

As back-end assembly and packaging processes become more complex, manufacturers are finding an increasing need for automated optical inspection (AOI) to detect defects. Until now, most AOI has been focused
on the active area of the die while the “streets” that separate the die have been largely neglected by the user because, in theory, they have little to
do with the functioning of the integrated circuit. As is often the case, problems develop where you are not looking. In this situation, problems
arise during the die singulation process where multiple types of defects can occur (i.e., chips, cracks, delamination, etc.) If severe enough,
the defects will propagate into the active area. Even more problematic is the potential for chip-related defects, such as delamination, to cause device failure after the die has been packaged and is in the field. Chip inspection poses a number of challenges to conventional AOI methods. A new approach addresses many of these challenges and provides an automated go/no go inspection capability that can be tuned to accommodate the acceptable risk profile for the inspected product.

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