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January 1, 2013

JetStep G Series Comparison Table

Rudolph Technologies step-and-repeat photolithography panel printers address the demanding requirements of the display industry with systems featuring the highest resolution in the industry. Our proven stepper technology optimizes performance capabilities with superior cost-of-ownership in Gen 2 through 4.5 configurations.

  JetStep G35 JetStep G45
System Configuration    
Substrate Up to Gen 3.5 Up to Gen 4.5
Lens Type 8010ghi(i)/16005(i) 20015i/20009i
Reduction Ratio 2x/1x 1.25x
Image Field Diameter 80mm/160mm 200mm
Depth of Focus 15µm/30µm 9µm/20µm
Minimum Feature 2.5µm/5.0µm L/S 1.5µm/2.5µm L/S
Overlay <0.5µm/<1.0µm <0.5µm
Stitching <0.5µm/<0.75µm <0.5µm